Can they go outside now?


9 Years
Jun 16, 2010
Hi, I have ten chicks in a brooder inside the house, and 3 chicks in a very
large coop outside. The chicks inside are starting to become a big handful,
and we'd like to put them outside - but they are only 11 days old. That's barely
a week! However temperatures are 93-98 F in the day time and 70-80 F at
night. Would it be ok to go ahead and put them out? Their coop is a huge
wooden coop with an erea for sleep and an erea for running.

Day time temps sound ok as long as you have them out of windy drafts. I'd be worried about the night time temps unless you have a heat lamp to keep on them til they fully feather in and that is around 9 to 10 weeks old. I have some 3 week olds in my garage brooder and I use a 100 watt reg. light bulb on them at night to help ward off chills.
They have their wing feathers, but not feathers down their body yet.

I figured with 13 chicks, they can snuggle to keep warm...right? The erea
they have for sleeping is draft free. Totally inclosed and locked up at night.
Soo...I can put them out? Or wait? Sorry I have a slow working mind

When we put them out, we are taking the hen away from the chicks
that are currently in there, so I will not be able to do any play dates just
in the day time, sadly.
It's your choice but I personally would not depend on the chicks to keep themselves warm at such a young age.

Chicks chill very easy at night when temps drop and when they huddle they can smother each other. 95 degrees for day olds in a brooder box, 5 degree drop each week there after, thats draft free brooder box with heat lamp or reg. light bulb til they are fully feathered in.
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