Can they go outside yet?


5 Years
Apr 29, 2014
I purchased two pekin duckings a few weeks ago when they were between 1-2 weeks old. Now they are around 5-6 weeks and they have outgrown their brooder. I've been keeping them outside during the day with a little pool with both sun and shade during the day since it has been in the 70s-80s. At night they have been in a brooder inside our camper which is heated along with 8 pullets we were raising until they could go outside. The pullets are now old enough to go out into our smaller coop which has a run attached. We keep a low heat lamp on in their during chilly nights. The ducks are too big to be in the current brooder we currently have them in. Do you think it would be okay to move them out along with the pullets? They are nearly fully feathered and would have plenty of others to snuggle up with at night. Our nights in Pa have been pretty mild lately, in the 50s-60s.
I'm fairly new to being a duck Momma well and I had some separation anxiety when we put our ducks outside. the oldest of our mix flock is 6 weeks old the youngest is 4 weeks old, and since we've got such nice weather now...((lows mid 60°, highs are mid 80) All of the flock spends their time outside..They have an "indoor/outdoor" coop proof,. And with z indoor part the king get out of this on henry know if need be. they're in from 8pm-12pm, and free range the other hrs. (Bedsides my cuddle duck -GreyFeather-) anyway.... they have all been fine on their own. Plenty of food and water, but no swimming Unless supervised.

please keep in mind that are indoor outdoor coupe have any close area with a heat lamp that we still keep on at night. here in Maryland it's been fifties and sixties which i think is still a bit chilly for the youngest.we do check on them periodically and they don't seem to be shivering or line directly under the heat source.

personally if they have somewhere where they can get warm I think it would be okay for them to be outside but that's just me. a lot of people on here se 7 to 9 weeks
IMO I would as long as they are secured. I put mine out younger that than. Even when the lows are in the 50s. I put down extra bedding, didn't use a heat lamp. But that's just me.
Mine are out all day long but at night they come inside. But that's just because I haven't finished the wiring on the top of their run yet. Once I have the wiring up then they will go outside overnight. The coolest it's been here during the day is in the upper 40s and it was raining and they did just fine. I have a 5 week old goose and 7 week old ducks. I think your temps are fine for them to overnight in as long as they are secure from predators.

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