Can they hatch while in little containers?

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8 Years
Apr 14, 2011
I have my eggs in little "beds" I made from egg cartons because the kids kept bumping the bator and making them roll around a bit. Can I leave them in these little beds when I lock down or do they need to be free on the wire floor? If I take them out, what should I put under them to protect the chicks from the wire mesh and to aid in clean up?

That's clever! I think you can leave them but I would probably put the incubator in a super big box at lock down to minimize the children effect!!!! Hoping you have a great hatch!
Yeah you could leave them in. I hatch all my eggs in rings cut out of toilet rolls to stop them getting booted about by the first hatched chicks.

Good luck with your hatch.
Thanks. I don't really want to stop the kids from being able to watch the hatch :) Its our preschool project.

i'll leave them in as is. It keeps the large end just a little higher and keeps them from rolling too much; just didn't know if it would interfere with the chicks getting the top of the eggs off.
Good info for me here guys! Thanks. This is my first and wish I had put them in something. They are hatching and the unhatched eggs are getting bumped around by the new chicks. I also have 3 grandkids I am babysitting now school is out and they also want to "look" all the time. When these come out I have 20 more to go in and I am going to try the toliet paper rings. I will have plenty of them in a couple days(KIDS).
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