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I want to put my 5 week old chicks outside tonight. It's going to be 48. They are used to a warm brooder, but I know they can tough through more than given credit for. I'm sick and smelling chicken ain't helping.
Hi! I have had mine outside for about a week (5wks) here in Southern Pines. I just hung a light and if they get cold, they can go under the light. It is going to get down to 33 by Thursday they say.
Hopefully I will be better by then and can stand the smell. LOL.
I have a little 40 watt out there to help out. I don't want them to get sick, but I well.... am tired of chick smell. I've tryed everything, but 5 chicks stink.
I have my brooders on the screened porch and I cover them up with old blankets or sheets and just leave places where air can get in. In the day I lift up the blanket. I also cut a hole in the blanket that is layed over the wire top and put my light there. (just sitting the heat light on the wire top) They stay pretty warm, but I had to rig a way to raise the light because they were getting too hot in the day. I agree about the smell!
Yeah, but what's bad is on craigslist, some one from Southern pines has 4 dollar chicks about the age of mine... I'm tempted
I just got to get some money first
I turned off the light in the big brooder last week. The house was always a decent temp. so they didn't need it. Also, during the day they went out to the tractor, but would always come back in.
The 10 bantams on Craigslist in Southern Pines are mine! LOL They are really pretty. Have you called me? I have the mixed chicks too!
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Not yet lol. I am wondering how many. I have a coop big enough for 8 standards that is currently empty, so....
Just when do you shut of the light? Mine are almost 4 wks with a couple of 2wks. They are feathered out pretty good except the head. Yes, I agree they are stinky!!!
I have been putting them out on nice days. They are out now while I clean out the brooder but the temps have dropped. I do have a light on them so I'm trying to wait as long as I can before letting them back in the house.

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