Can we adapt an ordiance in our town allowing chickens


Dec 17, 2015
Hello -
I am a newcomer to this site and I am hoping someone can help me out. I am a fairly new Town supervisor in a small town in Northern Wisconsin. We have several residents that want chickens in the town. Currently we have nothing in our ordinances that specify whether poultry is allowed or not. We do have an ordinance against livestock however. We are entertaining the thought of revising the ordinance stating that we are allowing chickens if the residents want them and will make an ordinance that is fair for everyone. We also have a couple of residents that do not necessarily want chickens an have been pushing back. One resident brought information forward stating he heard from a good reliable source that because we get our water and sewer supplied from the neighboring City that does not allow chickens, we cannot change the ordinance which will allow them in our town. We want to do the right thing, and have nothing against residents having chickens. However, we do not want to open our doors to a lawsuit or major conflict. Can anyone tell me if there is such a law? Our County currently does not have an ordinance regarding this - they leave it to the towns and cities within the County.
Any help is appreciated.

thank you for your input.


Oct 21, 2015
No where Nebraska
Welcome! I am sorry, I do not know if such a law exists, if it does, it really doesn't make much sense....
I would suggest you consult a lawyer, a lawyer would be able to keep you lawsuit free.
As for making the change fair; many Cities have rules regarding chickens. Such as, no roosters, a set number of birds, a required amount of space, ect. You might look at other city ordinances for tips on what you want.


Dec 18, 2015
Just found out that Watauga Texas does not allow chickens. What can you do to change that.

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