Can we cut/trim our roosters spurs/toe nails

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10 Years
Aug 9, 2009
Southern Maryland
We are wondering if we can trim our Rir's spurs / nails. He has three hens but they are starting to show feather loss due to breeding. Or is the answer to give him some more girls.
Yes, you can trim nails with dog nail clippers and you can dull the spur down with a dremel tool or saw it off with a hacksaw, or pull it off (twist casing and pull, yes the stub that is left will bleed).

Be ready with some blood stop powder or something like it.

Spur Trimming
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For spurs:

Make baked potato in microwave (no tinfoil)
Split in half while still hot
Stick onto spur
Put onto spur and keep it that way for 5 minutes.
Pull off the potato, and immediately remove spur, either with your fingers or pliers if needed.
It will cauterize and remove like magic!

No blood, just a little scab behind the ex-spur, then when it grows back, repeat!

If you don't believe me, use the nifty little box with Google written in it above!
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