Can we talk about chickens here?


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Dec 12, 2011
Earlier today I was visiting a friend who is fairly new to chickens. She mentioned she was hoping to hatch some chicks from eggs her hens laid this spring. She has several breeds of chickens so I'm looking around and finally ask "Can I see your rooster?" just out of curiosity. Her response?

"What rooster?"

I told her she needs a rooster if she wants chicks. Her face went blank and she asked "but they're laying eggs..?"
No matter how I phrased it she just couldn't GET it. Finally I just went blunt and asked if she had a baby every month - then she got it! Normally she's a smart girl, but she really blundered on this one. (fwiw, she's going to wait a bit now and educate herself more.)
you know there is a falsisy (Fal lah see) that you need a rooster to lay eggs I reckon it has something to do with having to lay since they are a.... and it is not true I was told this by my husband this. But being on all these chats I find they lay whether or not there is a rooster. wonder how how this started.


I agree.

This person needs to meet Stan the Man. He'll tell her all about roosters.

That is funny. Shoot,even with a rooster I can see that many of my eggs are not fertilized when I crack them open.Poor guy has to chase down the women!
I like this Stan the Man rooster. He's a cutie! I had a rooster who was oh so creatively named Roo.

Invite her to join BYC.

That's a good idea. I sent her a link to the website in general but I'll tell her to check out the forums, too. (She knows I posted this.)​
I've had to explain so many times that they don't need roosters to lay. It's even harder to explain because I have 5 roosters (well, technically 4 since Beans is just a baby
). I've also had people ask if I've ever cracked an egg open and have a baby chicken fall out... It can be just plain awkward trying to explain stuff like that to non-chicken people...
don't be agro with poeple some just need to be educated they don't know no better. I reckon they watch the Bizarre food and it has shown duck eggs withbaby duck in it I don't think I have seen it with chickens I think I have not but maybe this is where they get the chicken part in the egg yet.

Oh if I have had that happen I would be sick knowing I just killed the chick/ I'd need therapy after that.



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