Can wry neck spontaneously appear and disappear?

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    I have a house chicken, a silkie, named Molly (who hatched chicks the other day) and she lives in my room. This morning I got up to hear Molly's chicks peeping, scared, and when I looked, Molly was on her side, struggling, practically seizing. She stopped when I picked her up, but her neck was twisted around and buried in her feathers, as if she were preening her back, but she either couldn't or wouldn't move it. Her eyes were shut but if I pushed her crest out of the way she opened her eye and looked at me.

    I thought it was wry neck, so I set her down again (seemed better than taking her from the chicks) and I ran to get my laptop to consult the internet.

    When I came back, not even a whole minute later, she was perfectly fine. Nothing seemed off.

    I'm pretty sure she hadn't been like that when my alarm had gone off (over half an hour earlier), and I don't even know what would have happened to cause it with her safely in a cage (she's shorter than the roof of the cage, so she wouldn't hit her head on that accidentally). I've been told Silkies are susceptible to wry neck because of the vaulted skull, but I don't even know if this is wry neck.

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    I'm not sure if it comes and goes, but obviously it can from your description. Silkies are most prone to wry neck, and it also can be a sign of Mareks disease, but it seems to be fairly common on the BYC forum. I would get some PolyVisol (no iron) baby vitamins, Some Vitamin E with selenium in it, and be ready to treat if it comes back. Just enter "wry neck treatment" on the search at the top of the page, and there are numerous threads about it. Also this site is good:

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