Can you breed a brother to his sisters?


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Mar 9, 2010
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Sorry, this is probably a VERY stupid question. I have seven Black Copper Marans eggs in my incubator. I am hoping for a roo and some hens. My friend has a BCM roo and says he's very friendly and gentle. My question is, can a roo be safely bred to his sisters? I have raised horses for years, and that's an absolute no-no unless you want serious genetic problems. But, are chickens different? I also have 12 assorted brown egg layers that are currently 3 weeks old, and I know the BCM roo will be fine for them. But I'd like to get some purebred BCM eggs and chicks....
I have seen it done in different breeds to keep certain strong or good genetic traits. I'm not an expert, but I'd imagine that if you have a less than high quality bird, you'll only pass on less desired genetics.
i would;nt do it. along with some desireable traits there is the possibility of very bad traits. for instints did you ever see the movie ' Deliverance ' ? altho a banjo playen chicken would be interesting
It depends on the genetic diversity of the parents of these birds. If they were unrelated, you can probably breed brother to sister with no problems. I just did that myself this year, but the parents of my birds were completely unrelated, even to the point of being different breeds. I won't continue inbreeding, though, because if you keep doing this you will get problems at some point: low hatch rates, chicks that fail to thrive, etc.

If there already has been inbreeding in the genetics of these birds, you do take a risk to continue it.
Thank you so much for that link -- that is great information. I feel better now that what I'm wanting to do is okay!
I have two BCM roosters myself, they are both VERY friendly birds, absolutely no aggressive issues with them. My larger one got out and slept in the trees for a night, the next morning he came down and followed my dad around

Will you be looking to sell the chicks and/or eggs, or adult birds from the related parents? If so I would seriously consider investing in an unrelated rooster. If you sell a batch of eggs from a brother/sister pair, then the buyer hatches those eggs and keeps those too as breeding/laying stock, they may end up with unhealthy, or less-than ideal chicks.

If your looking just to sell eating eggs, then of course that isn't really a problem. If you'd like to hatch some out yourself, I'd still be careful.

I would look around once your chicks hatch and are sexed if theres anyone looking for new blood to add to their flock. You might actually be able to swap a cockerel for a cockerel. That way you'd have completely new blood and no worries

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