Can You call your VET after hours?


10 Years
Apr 29, 2009
Reading the thread about calling your doctor after hours got me thinking about our vet....

We had an old springer spaniel (Lizzie) and she was having all sorts of trouble on one weekend...She had a stroke on a Saturday afternoon. She was 12 yrs old at that time and we decided to wait til Sunday to decide whether or not to put her to sleep (something that we just dreaded thinking about!)...While Liz spent the night at home resting with us our vet called us to check on her and wanted me to call her back Sunday morning with an update. Well we woke up early Sunday morning and Lizzie had improved I called our vet to check in. I remember this vividly....I talked with her for probably 45 minutes while she fed her little girl breakfast. She answered every question I had about the process we may have needed to go through. I apologized and tried get off the phone a couple different times to let her go about her Sunday morning ...but she was soo nice and reassuring to me..I have always remembered this and will be a customer of hers till she retires....Lizzie lived another 3 yrs!...and Dr. Sally was there with us the day the Lizzie went to the rainbow...And now, needless to say, she has been taking care of our Sophie girl (1-1/2 yr old lab) just like she did Liz. We love Dr. Sally and are blessed to have her as a vet!


As a matter of fact I got 'deported' from my original vet.
Awww! You are very lucky. While our vet is wonderful, forget about help after hours. We must go to the Emergency Vet which is ridiculously expensive and always a hassle.
Murphy's Law says that all pet emergencies must happen after normal business hours.
Yes, I have my vet's home phone number.
Also last time we had the puppy in for his shots I asked her about treating chickens, just in case the need should ever arise.
She explained to me why she couldn't. I kinda already knew this, but it has to do with most of her clients being farmers with large livestock and commercial chicken houses and they wouldn't want to be sharing the waiting room with a yard chicken (bio-security issues).
However, she did tell me if I ever have a problem with one of the chooks I could call her and she would do her very best to help me over the phone and/or prescribe meds I could pick up at the office. The phone calls would be free and I would only have to pay for any meds needed.
my vet deported me too... dont feel bad...

if i called my current vet past hours all i would get is a voice mail

they would refer me to the emerg vet clinic and just to walk into the door you need $150 cash or $150 available on yr CC
I hear a lot of people getting upset about not being able to reach their vet after hours, but how many people can reach their physician after hours? Not very's usually the ER. Doctors and vets have to be able to have a family life too.
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yup! 75$ please!!! Thast what it cost me to bring my chiuhuahua in after hours--I shoudltn say that It was July 4th weekend-and my dog needed xrays and shots and stuff total bill 400$
Isn't that great? I called mine to get corid and she sold me just enough to treat for 10 days....and told me that if I need anything else, I was on my own when it came to chickens.
Isn't that great? I called mine to get corid and she sold me just enough to treat for 10 days....and told me that if I need anything else, I was on my own when it came to chickens.

Yep, our vet is a keeper. As I mentioned once before, took all three of our pets - Jax and both cats - in for their yearly in early July. Puppy shots and rabies for Jax, rabies for Kitty, worming for KiKi, plus Jax's comfortis tablets (2) and 6 months of heartworm preventive; total $78.
The sympathy card she sent us after she euthanized Charlie Girl for us still makes me cry to look at it. It was signed by all of her staff, her and her DH.

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