Can you ever have enough mealworms?

Discussion in 'Feeding & Watering Your Flock' started by mrsbos, Nov 2, 2011.

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    Aug 11, 2010
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    I have three 15 month old EEs. I've been raising mealworms for about 1 year and now have thousands. You'd think that would be enough. My chickens could easily eat through a batch of 500 mealworms in a few minutes (which would cost about $6.50 at the pet store). I actually had the idea to maybe raise enough to sell to other chicken/reptile owners, but even with the thousands and thousands of mealworms I have, it never seems to be enough. Of course you have to keep enough around to sustain/grow the population, but this winter, even if I only doled out 100 mealworms/day to my 3 girls--which would be gone in seconds--I wouldn't be able to keep up my supply! I don't really consider mealworms as "treats" per say, because it's a healthy source of protein. My mealworms are raised on chick starter (non-medicated) and apples/potatoes.

    I'm already using a large clear storage box to house my beetles/meaworms, with a separate smaller box for pupas, though I may go back to the 3 container set up to separate worms/beetles. Does anyone have an even bigger set up? Am I being too generous in the amount of mealworms my chickens get?

    I tried not to give them any this summer since they could find their own bugs in the yard where they free-range, but it's hard to resist their cute faces when you know how much they love mealworms!
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    well, mealworms are very fatty...but I must girls get them on a regular basis too...I guess it would be more than just a treat! I have two storage drawers full, and I also keep mine on unmedicated chick starter...I don't separate them into different life sages though...I never seem to have enough either.

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