Can you help I.D. DH's two TSC bantams???


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These are the two bantams DH got from Tractor Supply...the only bantams in the tank. I have absolutely no idea what they might be, despite looking up various pictures. They do have lightly feathered legs down to their feet. They are a week old, and sort of squat looking compared to my silkie chicks. They're also quite a bit smaller than my silkies at one week. The coloring isn't very good in these photos, but both have gray (both light and dark) and yellowish-cream coloring. The dark blue/purple is blue kote I'm guessing...

Chick #1 (lighter chick)


Chick #2 (darker chick)

Wow I ended yo grabbing two that look identical to yours and then an itty bitty that looks different cause shes younger. TSC must have had a lot of these this year! that or great minds think alike!
I agree, they look just like my two mille fleur chicks ... Mine are a little older now though


Michele - do you have pics of your older chicks? Just curious how they'll look as they feather out and go through the "not so cute" stage. Plus, I'm wondering if you can tell whether yours are pullets/cockerels yet. I would think in a breed like this, it would become apparent fairly early??? We do have a mf d'uccle rooster...but he was about 2 yrs when we got him. I'm so hoping these aren't cockerels, but I already see little ridges on these little chicks, one moreso than the other.
I don't know how our little roo would take another roo on the premises, much less TWO more...

GFF - thanks - your link was helpful - the chick pics toward the end are a sure match.

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