Can you help me find a place that sells Pekin Bantam hens in Australia


5 Years
Nov 2, 2018
NSW Australia
i am looking for somewhere that would sell me a Pekin Bantam hen. I have one but I would like another I don’t care what colour. If you could help me that would be great if not that’s okay too. My Pekin Bantam Chloe - see above
Did you try posting on the Aussie thread? Is there a Pekin Bantam club in Oz / your state (sorry can't remember where you are and you don't have it on your profile)? If there is you could search their website for members who are nearby to you or contact them to ask for info for the same.
If you have no luck with the above, Gumtree is always a great source for poultry.

I've bought fertile eggs, hens, and turkeys with success from sellers on Gumtree. You'll get listings from both professional and backyard breeders. If you put out a WANTED ad, you might find one the same age.

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