Can you help me identify rooster or hen at 9 weeks?


Apr 18, 2015
I have an Ameraucana and 2 barred rocks I think may be all males from photos and posts I have been reading here.This is my first time raising chickens and am new to this site It is so informative and everyone is so helpful wondering if I can get opinions about my three
hoping I have done this correctly Thanks :)

This was the best picture I had of the two together
I'd need to see a better head on shot of your Ameraucana's comb to confirm its gender. Given the light barring and size and redness of the combs and wattles, your two Barred Rocks look like cockerels.
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Thank you so much everyone! I appreciate the quick response. These are the best I could find tonight of his comb but he really doesnt have much there as of yet

Thank you, he used to be brown and black he turned totally white n black now he looks like he may be turning a tiny bit brown again do you have pictures of yours? Is it a male?

I do not have pics right now but i will take some. Mine is a hen.
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