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5 Years
Jul 9, 2014
West Rutland Vermont
I have owned my plymouth rocks for a year now, and have not had this problem before. For a couple months now only 3 of them I have 10 have feathers missing off of their butts and it looks red but not from blood can anyone tell me what this is. My coop is dry I am very anal about my chickens being clean, does anyone know what is causing this.
Mites or lice can cause feather loss, or cause them to pull the feathers. Feather picking if there is not a mite/lice problem is typically caused by too little space, too little protein, or a combination of these.

For mites and lice, add wood ash to their dust bathing areas, and dust with "poultry dust" from the feed store, or 5% Sevin garden dust. Also spray or dust the coop and change out the litter. Repeat in 10 days.

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