Can you justify this one?? Hey teach!

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    Disclaimer - I AM a teacher and I deeply admire elementary and secondary teachers for surviving the day. But this one threw me for a loop. So I challenge you teachers out there [​IMG]

    Justify this maneuver!

    Freshman in High School, AP kid, honors everything, boy scout altar boy (no I'm not making that up he really is) AP Calculus teacher says you may bring in a pencil and a blank sheet of paper to the exam. Kids stow their gear, as he gets ready to walk in he realizes his pencil barely has any eraser so he grabs an eraser, standard school type we all carried.

    Teacher stops him at the door and says he cannot take the test, he is sent to the principle's office for "bringing an inappropriate item into an exam." His mother is called and told to come get him he has just failed his calculus mid term.....

    I always try to give the teacher the benefit of the doubt. SO, what good reason could there possibly be for this?

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    I think it's overkill, but it just might be failure of not following instructions. It can be a hard lesson sometimes.
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    [​IMG] I mean, the kid IS a FRESHMAN! Yes, I think that's overkill and the instructor sounds like he/she is on some kind of power trip. It's not college, where power-trippy instructors have an excuse, right? Bummer for the kid.
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    That teacher is VERY lucky that was not my son or niece. If i was called to school for something like that I would make a HUGE stink. Surely there is something else going on.

  5. I have WHAT in my yard?

    I have WHAT in my yard? Songster

    Jun 24, 2008
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    His mother is a minister -- any stink she makes will be very gentle but firm.. [​IMG]
  6. Power trip.
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    Holy cow, DH would have been paying the school a visit! We have gone so far overboard on zero tolerance it is pathetic.

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    Too much. I would have let it fly.
  9. In a MATH exam an eraser is not considered an essential item?

    May as well have them bring a pen instead of a pencil.

    Especially when you consider that a pencil does not naturally have an eraser, only lead. Technically every student that brought in a pencil with built in eraser committed the same offense... only fair to fail them all if you failed this one no?

    Perhaps he thought that the eraser carried a microdot reader, and that a previous student had used his special contact lens to scan the exam, then used their battery powered wifi earring to download it to the microdot that they passed to this student via sneezing on his face while passing in the hall?

    Really, there IS such a thing as TOO paranoid. [​IMG]

    Even state mandated tests are not this asinine.

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    Anyone here who is replying as a teacher knows that often times there is more to the situation than meets the eye. Example: Parent will say "Well I don't understand why Susie missed Fun Friday time. She's only eight. All she was doing was talking to her friend, and that girl was talking too!!" Parent does not understand (or possibly care) that the teacher has said Susie's name so many times that it's chanted in his/her sleep by now. "Susie, turn around. Susie, stop talking and do your work. Susie, if I have to call you down one more time..."

    That being said, if it was a simple case of "my" kid innocently and accidentally not following directions, and he had a reputation for following rules, being respectful, etc., then I would make an appointment with the teacher first, and then the principal or the superintendent if I felt I wasn't being heard by the teacher. Because that would be a ridiculous consequence for such a simple misunderstanding.

    However, it may come down to...despite that kid being AP (there are many VERY smart trouble-makers out there), and you know the standing joke about "preacher's kids" (justified or not) being the worst...the kid being a wise-you-know what. I've asked kids to clear everything off their desks, and had VERY smart kids decide to be smart-butts and beginning peeling their name tags off the desk, look at me, and say "What? You said to get EVERYTHING off my desk???" And they've received consequences.

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