Can you look at this vein and membrane for advice?


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Backstory, my broody hatched two chicks out and one drowned from terrible rain here Then these eggs were left and I believe this one somehow snuck in without being marked (I had x's on hers) well so I'm not even really sure where this guy come from but I always get the bator going when Broody's start hatching in case of emergency...

Well I really was about to toss these but thought I saw movement in this one and glad I gave it another day bc he pipped externally sometime yesterday. Long story short, the family was gone ALL day yesterday and we didn't notice pip till 10-11 last night. Well little guy is malpositioned I believe bc I KNOW the aircell was at the other end. He poked through membrane and it's actually bled on its own a little bit from him poking the hole (but tk goodness he did bc he wouldn't be able to breath!

NOw, when to help??? I've since made his nostril hole a little bigger and started to zip a little but I'm too nervous about that vein to the left?? any advice???


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Definitely not ready yet. That external pip should be treated as an internal pip, because that's what he was trying to do, only he couldn't because there was no air cell there. So you should allow 24 hours from that time as to when he would have externally pipped. And then 24 more hours from there until a zip would definitely have been started by him.

So he's not ready yet, especially with that big vein. Give him more time. With malpositions like this they are oftentimes very capable of getting out on their own. And I wouldn't try to zip for him until tomorrow afternoon at the earliest if he's not out by then.

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