Can you or can you not distill

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    Jan 26, 2007
    Federal Regulations

    As I read the regs, they are referring to people in the "business of". While it does not specifically state that "personal use" is exempt, it can be inferred from the language.

    One of the Key sections in the definition of Industrial.

    The following uses of distilled spirits are regarded as “industrial” and will be excluded from any application of the term “nonindustrial use.” The use of distilled spirits:

    (a) Free of tax by, and for the use of, the United States or any governmental agency thereof, any State, any political subdivision of a State, or the District of Columbia, for nonbeverage purposes; or

    (b) Free of tax for nonbeverage purposes and not for resale or use in the manufacture of any product for sale:
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    Apr 16, 2007
    What does all that mean? Here's the way I see it, if it's illegal then fine it's illegal. I just won't get caught doing it!
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    Apr 25, 2007
    What do you want to distill and why?

    If you want to make ethinol for your car: legal, just have to get a permit from the feds.

    If you want to distill for water drinking quality: legal, they even sell them at Sears and they are fully automatic. I personally think the water tasts bland but to each his own.

    If you want to distill for personal consumption (wiskey for instance): legal only if you get a permit and pay tax on every drop distilled for consumption. Tons of red tape and basically not worth doing unless you are going to start a business.

    Distilling for esential oils: you can distill for making essential oils but there are limits on the size of the still and you can drink anything that comes out of it again for tax reasons. If you look on ebay, alot of really big still are listed as essential oil distillers.

    It all comes down to the tax if it is going to be put in your mouth and thats why it is so hard to do. Homebrewing beer and wine is easier. There are some good forums for getting more info on distilling for personal consumption though but as was stated, make sure you pay all taxes on anything that anybody would drink.


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