can you tell me what breed and gender these are?


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20170611_123537.jpg 20170611_123537.jpg 20170611_123514.jpg 20170611_123442.jpg 20170611_123401_HDR.jpg 20170611_123313.jpg 20170611_123457.jpg 20170611_123537.jpg 20170611_123514.jpg 20170611_123442.jpg I bought these off a guy who bought them at Tractor Supply, but his wife decided he didn't really want them. Can anyone tell me what breed and gender they are?
TSC likes to sell "red layers" which are usually RIR, Production Red, New Hampshire Red and red sex lime pullets all dumped into the bin. All birds shown look like pullets, darker look like production red and the lighter likely a sex link
On one of them the comb is a little bigger that the others... let me go try to catch it and take a pics... brb...
Cool, thanks for the replies. I just need 3 layers and I'll have more eggs than I can eat, but I like the brown, free range eggs the best. This is good news, thanks again.
Can you tell me what breed and gender this little one, or is it still way too young.

(We think he's a wild jungle fowl, where we live they are wild and common, and we adopted it when it's mother didn't come for it. He was standing in the road, so we got him before he could be squashed)

He's now about 13-14 days old, and maybe 1-2 when we got him.


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