Can you tell me what what gender these two are please?


Apr 4, 2018
Rougemont NC
These two littles are around 8 weeks old now and almost as big as their bantam mommy. I’m hoping they’re both pullets, but know from experience that that is probably not the case. I have no idea who the mommies are, but the daddy is a Copper Marans. Thanks for any help you can give.

Sorry the white pic posted twice. Not sure why.
I would like to see close up, clear comb pics of each one, please. The black one looks rather red in the face, but i cant tell from these pics. Thanks!

Unfortunately, I can’t get any closer. Mommy is still pretty protective. They are in a little broody coop and yard until they are too big to fit through our regular fence.
Look like girls to me. And I see a buff brahma you have great taste in chickens.;)

We have a little of everything. That little mama is Lil’ Bit. She was one of the first chicks hatched here. Here mama (Mini) was a buff Brahma Banty and her dad was a Copper Marans. Her mama died protecting her from an owl and she grew up to look just like her. We really did not want chicks again, but she insisted.

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