Canaries and Zebra Finch raising eggs and egg laying

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    Aug 24, 2016
    I have a large cage with 2 pairs of Zebra Finches and 2 pairs of Yellow Canaries.

    Laid 1st egg on Aug 16th
    Laid 2nd egg on Aug 19th

    When she laid the 1st egg, she sat on it for about a day, then never went near it again, still doesn't. It's like the eggs don't exist. She does however try to nest in a water dish sitting at the bottom of the cage.

    Zebra Finches:
    Laid 1st egg on Aug 19th
    Laid 2nd egg on Aug 21st
    Laid 3rd egg on Aug 22nd
    Laid 4th egg on Aug 23rd

    The Zebra Finches religiously sit on their eggs, either the male or the female, taking turns. To see the eggs you practically have to shoo them away and they've been doing this since their first egg was laid on Aug 19th.

    My concern is with the canary, first I was worried because she only laid 1 egg, I thought she was egg bound or something. But then the 2nd egg came 3 days later? And now it's been 3 days since her 2nd egg and she has not laid a 3rd so I'm confused.

    My other concern, is that she doesn't come near her eggs, nor does the male.

    I took both of the canary eggs and carefully placed them with the Zebra Finch eggs today. The Zebra Finches don't seem to care, they still sit on their eggs almost as fast as I was out of the cage.

    I also moved the now egg-less canary nest down to where the water dish was, in hopes that I will trick her to nest on her nest.

    I'm fairly new to bird keeping and sort of had to learn just by browsing and reading etc. What would you have done if you had a female like my canary? Also, do you think it was a mistake to let the finches adopt my canary eggs? If so why?

    After they're born, I'll probably remove the canaries, and hand-feed the baby canaries do you agree?

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