Cancer - Are They Hiding The Cure For Profit?

Galen Bontrager

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Jul 2, 2009
It would seem that some people are under the impression that the cure for Cancer is being hidden in order to profit from people who have Cancer.

Let me state my reasons as to why I object towards such claims, and leave the topic open to debate.

I am from the UK. In the UK we have a free health care system. As someone pointed out, the health care system is not free as such, because we pay taxes, but never the less it's significantly cheaper than the USA's health care.

In the UK we pay 17.5% taxes on everything. These taxes pay for health care, rubbish collection, schooling, maintenance etc. etc. etc. We also pay National Insurance, which goes towards our health care, and its around £6 per month. But NOBODY in the UK is ever denied health care if they need it and they are not charged for it either. If you are from the USA, watch the film called Sicko.

Note: The taxes we pay go towards paying for hospital buildings, equiptment and transport, so in effect it's still towards our healthcare.

We also have a very high unemployment rate. The Government give the unemployed £80 - £100 per fortnight.

And, check this! If you are ill, like suffering from Cancer, the Goverment allow you NOT to work and will pay you Income Support, where you can get up to £200 per fortnight. Anyone claiming any sort of benefits also gets free housing, free dental care, and many other free and discounted things from the Government.

So my point is this. In the UK, to keep someone with Cancer, and hide a cure, would mean money would be coming out of the Governments pockets.

If they cured the person, the person would continue to pay taxes, and the Government would profit. So, as you can see it would be more profitable to keep a person alive.

I can see why Americans would think that, because they pay for their health care. I admit, the US health care system is all about profit. But, I also know the world would not hide a Cancer cure because in countries like the UK, the system would not profit.


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Jul 31, 2008

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Jun 5, 2009
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While I have never given this subject much thought, your comments seem to make alot of sense.

I sometimes forget that the US is part of a greater entity and often formulate my thoughts and opinions based solely on my American status.

You have given me something to think about this evening...


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Mar 21, 2009
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I don't believe it's the government hiding the cures - I feel like the pharmaceuticals have had a hand in turning us into a society beset with illnesses and the need for drugs, treatments and whatever else lines their pockets with our hard earned money.

The longer they keep us sick and dependent, the higher their profits.

I know I take offense when the PO gets bashed, so my apologies up front to anyone here in the medical profession. There are miracles happening every day, and US health care is some of the best in the world, but there is also a great deal of profit in keeping someone in treatment as opposed to curing them.

Just my 2centsworth.


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Jul 31, 2008
Chicks & Turks :

Just marking this because it's gonna be a hot debate, I can already tell.

yep me too i have already got my popcorn handy... dont worry i will​


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Jan 20, 2009
I'm not sure if I understand who "They" is. Conspiracy theories always contain a "they" statement somewhere.

If "they" is every cancer researcher on the planet working together for this giant conspiracy, yup, that's totally possible.

The government doesn't control "Them" yet.

Honestly though, I think based on the current cancer survival rates vs. those of just 10 years ago, the cure is already there for a lot of people. If people would just take care of themselves a little better, many of these diseases wouldn't need to be cured, they would be prevented.

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