Candeling help


9 Years
May 5, 2010
St. Louis
I just candled my eggs that my cochin bantum is sitting on. I have all kinds of eggs under her, 2 bantum, 2 EE's, 3 Marans, non of them are her eggs because I dont have a roo.
I could only see through the shell of one bantum egg and saw little veins and a black spot. Hurray for me! Question, how do you see through those darker colored shells?
(only day six, did I candle too early?)
Help appreciated.
I don't candle eggs under a broody either. She knows way more than I ever will about setting on an egg!
Patience is the key to hatching!!! lol Sit on your hands and let her do the work!!! Keep her fed and watered. She knows what she is doing!!!

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