Candled eggs (day 3/4) all but two look speckled on he inside

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    Apr 5, 2012
    I got a set of 12 crele orpington eggs in the post and 2 were smashed. It's day 3 and in a couple hours day 4. Out of the remaining 10 4 are with my broody, cause thats all that could fit under her, and 6 are in the incubator. Havn't candelled the ones under broody yet. When I candelled the eggs in the bator 4 of them have no development and are speckled on the inside, but not on the out side. of the other teo one had a prominent blood ring and when we cracked open the yoke was pale and runny. In the last egg its completely rounded, not sure what is the point or airsack end. (just like half the other eggs). Also no developemt. and one of the eggs looks to have a white bubble in it. Paid 65$ for the lot. What could have gone wrong. Temp 37.5C humity 60% and turning three times a day.
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    Sounds to me like the eggs are porous. I know it's a silly request, because I am in Canada and use the metric system as well, but you may want to convert your temps to Fahrenheit. It really confuses some people on here :lol: I do find if eggs are incubated and if you open one up - it is runny like you are describing. Not sure why. Hopefully someone else can help with that. [​IMG] By the way, here is one of my porous eggs that was infertile. [​IMG] A good one that is developing (set the same day as the first picture)
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