Candled eggs yesterday... Decent Results!

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May 18, 2009
England, United Kingdom
Candled silkie eggs I got, 1 is defineltely not fertile, so will be removed, 1 has a chick inside, you can make out its feet and head, and another is unknown, but appears to have a ring (I'll leave this egg in for a while and see what happens). I also have six eggs under a hen, not due for 19 days, but then again she did leave them today and they went pretty cold, hope this won't affect them too much. Anyway, 9 days left!!!!
That's awesome!!! It's so cool that you can see the chick developing inside there...thankfully silkie eggs are white. It's pretty hard to candle a Marans egg, I would think.

Pics ASAP!!!
Wishing you luck!

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