Candled my eggs but don't know what I'm seeing?

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    I have nine eggs in the incubator and today is day 10. I candled them on day 7 and could see veins and a dot moving around. Now it is day10 and I decided to candle again but all I could see in most eggs was the air sac and Half the egg filled up. WHat is this. They are dark brown eggs.

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    I would say that is a good sign. It means they are growing and taking up more room. You can sometimes still see a little bit of the veins if you look on the edge right by the airsac. Hoping they are all growing for you. [​IMG]
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    The baby. You only have 11 days left. You should be hatching on the same day as me. Yeah for us. Did you set on 1/25
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    Quote:I agree. This sound great. The eggs will get opaque. Your doing good.[​IMG]
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    Have you looked at the candling pics that are stickied at the top of the incubating section? I found those to be very useful. When I candled the first time, I didn't think I had any developing because I thought the dark thing I was seeing was just the yolk. Then I looked at those pics and realized what I was seeing was the fetus! Last I candled a non-fertile egg from my fridge, and wow, could I see the difference. It was such a rush to know they were all developing!
  6. Quote:No I set on the 22nd

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