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Nov 10, 2008
Fitzwilliam NH
I'm sure there may be an answer on here somewhere but I'm on dial-up and searching for anything takes forever so I'm just going to ask and if someone knows a post already could you post in the link for me?

I need to eventually get a real candler and I need to know which ones are worth looking at. My biggest issue with using the high power flashlight I use now is that it just isn't powerful enough to show me anything through my green dark EE eggshells and I know if I ever get a dark egg layer it won't show me anything through their shells either. So, I need to know what candlers out there are good enough to show through dark eggs or am I wishful thinking?
There may be something out there just as good for a cheaper price, but I am pleased & impressed with how well my cool-lite candler works (it runs about $20). I used it on green eggs & a golden cuckoo marans egg (not super dark, but still a dark golden brown) and I could see very well. I've heard maglites work well, but the one I tried wasn't that great - might just not have been strong enough though.
Thanks! $20 isn't bad at all. I was worried I'd need something much more expensive!
I see all these candlers that are $50 and more. I've seen the cool-lite candlers various places and I guess I just figured they didn't work as well compared to the really expensive ones. I am so happy to hear this! I've tried using our good maglite and my husbands high powered dive light but both are big and I have to mask them off with cardboard. Neither has ever worked for seeing into those darker shells. I might be able to get a cool-lite very soon instead of saving up to eventually get something like a Brinsea.

Thank you ArizonaDesertChicks!

ETA: I just looked on E-Bay and one place sells them for $20.50 including shipping ($12 + $8.50 s&h). I think I will definitely get one before I start hatching this spring!
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Thanks! The links were very good and I read through all three. I think I will try the cool-lite route though. Far cheaper than the most recommended $85 flash light or the Brinsea candlers. It sounds like it will work for my EE eggs and if I do get dark egg layers in the future and need something better I can cross that bridge when I come to it. Plus, the cool-lite saves me from having to build something. I have so many projects on my plate all the time that it's better when I can find an affordable option that doesn't take up a lot of time shopping or building.

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