Candling at day 7


Apr 22, 2020
Yesterday I candled eggs ( day 7 ) from the broody

In 2-3 eggs a red looking bulb (i think yolk ) was flaoting when i revolving during candling

This is an another egg
It has dark veiny area but but egg is looking empty

Can someone clear my doubt
Yes that is the yolk you are seeing there. At this stage there doesn't look to be development in the first eggs pictured, but sometimes broodies don't sit diligently enough initially and that can slow down development, or some eggs get more attention and rotation under her warmest spots, while others get neglected, especially if this is her first time being a mother hen. Do you see definite development in other eggs? If they still look like that at day 10 then it's likely they aren't going to develop.

With the last egg is there sort of one stripe of red? That sounds more like a blood ring (it does fade after a few days from a ring to just a strip, and the less developed the embryo is the smaller the blood ring is overall). I'd leave it under your broody and candle again on day 10. If there's a significant difference between the eggs that are developing and these 3 then you'll know these ones aren't any good. But don't remove them until you are sure.

Good luck with the hatch.
What about egg in 3rd pic ?
It has dark veiny area in half egg and other egg is empty looking
What about egg in 3rd pic ?
It has dark veiny area in half egg and other egg is empty looking
Are you suer your seeing veins make sure it sin't a blood ring. I think the tis what is trying to be said. Here are some comparison pics for you. @JaeG put the rest perfectly.
This below is a blood ring, that means the egg is dead

Proper development below-

Correct me if I am wrong, I easily could be. 😉
At day 7, the veins don't cover the whole egg, maybe 1/3 of it, but in a white or cream egg you should see them clearly. I agree with above, it sounds like the ones where you can make out the yolk aren't doing anything.

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