Candling at Lockdown


Mar 21, 2015
Soooo, I broke some rules as it just reached the 22 day mark and I had no pips yet. I could hear some chirps, but have seen no movement for a few days. I pulled a few out to candle bc I didn't have pips and my humidy was at 70% so I felt like it would be safe. The eggs I candled were still alive and some had internally pipped, but some of the air cells were so big that it was almost to the bottom of the egg on the dipped side. I never see candling pics this late and don't know if that is typical. Should I be worried at all that they can't move to hatch if this happens? Is that typical? I'm wondering if my humidy was too low the first 18 days as I used the dry method, but it was never below 28% or higher than 40%. Just would like some opinions bc I'm sure everyone knows how worrisome this stage is for us!!
The draw down that you see is normal, but typically it only reaches 3/4 of the way down. Does the shadow of the membrane at the bottom of the air cell look relatively smooth other than the chick's beak sticking through? Not like it's vacuum packed to it?
It looks relatively smooth on all but one. All of the air cells are so different though as I have 27 shipped eggs and four of my own eggs set. I kept the shipped eggs upright in cartons and didn't turn for the first seven days. Going into lockdown I had more than half of my shipped that were definitely developing, which was much better than my last attempt where I had began turning them at Day 3. I think I just need to go to bed and see what the morning brings! I'm not going to meddle again and hope for the best!!!
Smooth is a good sign. Did you see much free space around the chicks under the membrane? I assume not, they should be pretty full looking by now.

Cheeping from inside is good, you should see an external pip about 24 hours later, if not it may be necessary to make one on the loudest peepers. Just a quick, small peck in the air cell to make a tiny vent hole, then back in the bator!

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