Candling Dark Eggs

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    Has anyone had success candling Maran eggs? I've always used a small led flashlight and it's been fine with my light brown eggs but I've got my very first Marans in the incubator and I would like to candle them. Do the commercially made candlers work on them? Brinsea or other brands.
    I'd really like to weed out any eggs that aren't developing before they start stinking :)
    Thanks in advance for any info!

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    I don't have experience of Maran eggs. I do have the Brinsea ova view candler though and would reccomend it. I've done some quite dark eggs and quail eggs with it and found it worked well. It's also easy to handle while holding the egg and the rubber seal makes a good fit on the egg. Good luck with your eggs.

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    I've done dark eggs (Marans and Welsummers) and have not found a light bright enough to see anything useful. I can see the size of the air cell and that becomes easier at the end when the chick blocks all light, so I guess I can see something useful, but never any veining.

    As for removing stinky eggs, I haven't found candling that useful. Instead, I take a careful whiff when I'm near the incubator. You can definitely smell a bad egg long before it explodes. Normally, they have hairline cracks that were not noticed when setting the eggs. When they smell, they usually also are weeping a sticky fluid that is visible, so you can find the culprit pretty easily and remove it.

    I only had 2 or 3 that went bad all year (out of hundreds set), and none exploded. I have had bad eggs explode when I was not watching closely enough, that taught me to pay more regular attention to the incubator.

    I would not bother candling the dark eggs, except to check the air cells. If you pick them up and examine them externally, you will find any bad eggs. Careful handling before incubation (to minimize cracks) will make stinky eggs a very rare problem.
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    Jul 2, 2016
    The thing I have found that works best even on my darkest marans eggs is my bicycle headlight. It is crazy bright because it's meant to be used for nighttime biking. It has a narrow concave end that channels the beam of light directly into the egg. Even with that though, I can only barely make out veining and movement.
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  5. MontanaChickDoc

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    Jul 2, 2016
    It's a Bontrager 800 it has an output of 800 lumens on its highest setting.'s about $100 and gets pretty dang hot so I only candle for about 3- 4 seconds per egg. But man talk about seeing details!
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