candling help needed


8 Years
Aug 17, 2011
I candled my eggs today ( day 8)and it does'nt look good but i sort of expected it because the eggs where nearly 2 weeks old when they went in bator. One is i can see an air cell but the rest is so black that i can't see any thing, i can see all the others fine as they are white eggs and easy to candle so not sure what is going on inside this particular egg and what to do with it.
Another seems to be developing fine, i can see the veins and developing as it should but it has no air cell, is this possible?. I am new at this so would appreciate any help you can give me.
If the inside is really dark, it may be already developing - if you've been having heat like we have! Of course unless you've had them in the fridge or something. Hold your light to the back and watch very carefully for a while - you may see movement! I've brought several in that where hidden, to have them hatch in a week or so. Good luck
Hi thanks for your replies, they are laying down in the incubator. I also thought it might be more advanced but what are the chances of that when i kept them in the egg box for a week before the went in the bator?
this is a duck egg i had sitting on my counter for a week...

in the past week i had 5 out of 6 duck eggs on my counter do the same thing.. so depending on the heat where you are.. it could either be rotten (sniff if and see if it stinks).. or it could be developing..
Thanks for your reply, at the moment it smell ok but will keep a close eye on it.

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