Candling olive eggers ??!!


7 Years
Feb 9, 2012
Hey guys I'm not new to this whatsoever but I have never tried to hatch olive eggs i have no clue when I'm candling. I can see anything its dark inside ?? Any ideas an pictures please at least one thanks :)!!
Hi jt, I'm no expert but it seems like blue/green eggs are really hard to candle. I have some araucana eggs in the incubator at the moment, and have found them a lot more tricky than ordinary white or even darkish brown eggs that I have candled in the past. At day 4 I could see the spiderish looking vein formation, but now at day 10 it's really hard to see anything other than the air cell. If my room is pitch black and I use my expensive egg candling torch, I can just see veins near the air cell, other than that its just dark.

So basically I'm not much help, just wanted to say you're not alone! And I guess if you can only see darkness then something must be happening, otherwise the eggs would be clear. Good luck, hope you have a great hatch :)

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