Candling question - day 15


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Aug 11, 2009
I have wyandotte eggs in the incubator. I candled at 8 days and saw development in 5 of the eggs. One egg was odd though at time with a strange shaped air sac and lots of veins on one side and the black ball bit in the clearer side. I put it back and when I candled again at 10 days it looked ok, air sac and all, and I could see movement.
I candled last night (day 15) and that egg now looks odd again compared to the others. The air sac is less well defined than it had been and the development seems to be mostly squashed up into the skinny end of the egg with much of the rest fairly clear. I couldn't tell if there was movement or not. The other 4 eggs were definite for movement. Is the less defined air sac an indication that I may have lost this one?
Ta in advance
It does sound like this one might not make it. I would wait it out until the others hatch and see...unless it gets weepy or starts smelling funky....then toss it.

Sounds like your others are doing very well though!
Thanks CF. I candled again last night (day 17) for what's the last time now and I still can't decide. I did it quickly and may have seen movement - that or it was just from me moving the egg around. I 'think' it's a little bigger than when I candled before. Looks like a black blob of chick bundled up in the top of the egg with a leg hanging down if that makes sense. It's not smelling or weeping so I'll leave it alone. Maybe it's just a mini chick!
Unfortunately I have to go away for 3 days (during lockdown, arghhh) and hope I'll be back in time for hatching! I'm going to bump up the water levels before I go and just pray! There will be someone here to keep an eye on power supply etc.

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