Candling Questions-day 18 light showing thru at the pointed end?


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Jan 16, 2011
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First time hatching and when I move the first batch into a lock-down bator I candled and noticed a couple were dark in the middle but light showed through the pointed end. Are these dead?

Also the air sack looks a little on the small size - what problems could that cause?


If you had the humidity too high the air sac could be too small. But it might not be too small- it might be ok! Check the thread (if you wish) above.

The air sac should be visible- I think that is what you are describing. I wouldn't toss any eggs on day 18 unless they smell bad or candle clear or growth arrested at day 3, for example. A LOT of people think nothing will hatch and then they hatch.

The Brinsea website has a free downloadable incubation handbook that I recommend:

Oooohhh I just noticed you live where I do! Too cool.
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Thanks I'll check out that link.

What do you raise? I have Rocks Partridge, Buffs and 1 Barred. I am getting more Partridge Rocks, Welsummers and Partridge Barnevelders from Sandhill some time in May. More than I need - I had to meet the minimum - I will be selling quite a few after they feather.

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