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    Jun 7, 2011
    I set 15 quail eggs yesterday at 7PM in an incubator that's only supposed to hold 12. I was thinking about candling the eggs either the fifth or seventh day that way I can discard any that are infertile. Which would be better? Can I see pictures of candling on the 5th day and 7th day? Thank you! :)

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    I recently had a discussion with a quail expert about candling. Due to egg size and porous shell a quail egg cools much faster than a chickens. It is also difficult to see thru the spots. His advice is that if you must candle. To wait until day 14 as they go into lockdown. If the light up like a green bulb. They are no good. I had eggs hatching on Day 21. We think it may be that they got cooled often enough to slow development but not cool enough to kill the embryo.
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    I candel them nearly everyday you will start seeing red veins after 3 days i have got a brinsea torch i like it

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