7 Years
Apr 25, 2012
Has anybody had trouble with chickens eating their eggs. I have several different breeds but only my white leghorns are eating the eggs . I want to choke them, It's very upsetting especially when I hear that they are the best layers. what should I do ?? AAAARRRRGGGGGGGHHH!!!!!!
Thats what I am wondering. I just got 5 leghorns 2 weeks ago. They lay okay but aleast everday there will be 1 or more eggs eaten!!! They make me so Mad!!!
I am beginning to think that the Leghorns that I got may be to inbred. They dont seem as healthy as my other breeds of chickens. I think I will breed the leghorns with the other breeds that i have.
Does anybody out there want to trade an Ancona Rooster for one of my roosters. I have a Leghorn, New Hampshire Red, and a Black Star
A roll away nest box works well for the egg eaters, although many chicken owners cull chickens who eat eggs. Especially ones who refuse to use a nest box and lay eggs on the ground.
I am going to have to look into the Roll away nest box or have these hens for dinner. Your right , thanks for your advice.

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