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Oct 22, 2012
Sequim, WA
OMG! I just read that chicks can peck each other and even their own toes, that it can lead to cannibilism. I have read that chickens can resort to this but even chicks!?! Has anybody had problems with cannibilism and if so what did you do? Thanks.
Chicks seem to be much more nasty to each other if you are

1.) Over crowding them....
2.) Using a WHITE brooder light. Switch the light out to a red light, black light, almost anything except the white light.
Yup..I separate asap.that usually stops it but..If it starts that young being a bully 9/10 I get rid of it/euthanize as I dont want those qualities/traits getting passed on. I had a bully hen in one coop- out of nowhere..put her in the bigger older girl coop...stopped her in her tracks and havent seen a problem since.
Thanks for your posts. I am a brand new chicken lover and want to do what's best for the new chicks I'll be getting.

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