Canning experts!!! Question about applesauce & bubbles


9 Years
Jun 13, 2010
Spanish Springs, NV
Just canned 6 pints of applesauce. While putting labels on them, I notices a few small bubbles at the top of the sauce - will this ruin my applesauce? do I need to eat immediately?

Darn it! just looked at my apple butter and saw small bubbles in them too! i used the tool to try to get the bubbles out before I sealed them. one of my apple butter cans did not seal - is it still good to eat immediately?

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Yup, your apple butter will be okay to use right away. Just keep it in the fridge. I'm thinking that those bubbles are okay -- they are tiny, right?
Yep. They should be fine.

If you go to use them and the seal has caved or the ring looks dented then dont use but otherwise you will be fine
They are perfectly fine, it is really hard to get every bubble out. As long as they are sealed properly and were water bathed for the correct time I would not worry about them. In my experience with applesauce is when it's bad it obvious either mold or smell wise.

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