canning pressure cooker


10 Years
Dec 19, 2009
haughton louisiana
We are teaching our kids how to make jelly and pickles. Now we want to teach them about putting up veggies. We need a canning pressure cooker. They are learning things that otherkids know nothing about. If you have one you can part with let me know what and how much. We looked at new prices and had to find a cheaper way!

By the way they are loving eating blackberry jelly that was still on the vine Memorial day morning and the squash bread and butter pickles are a hit also!
I have an All American I will sell for $100. plus actual shipping if interested let me know. Holds 7 quarts .
It says on the bottom 15 1/2 quarts its a #7 All American
It holds 7 quarts in the wire rack.

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