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hi i live in wisconsin. i live on 17 acres with an acre and a half pond. Most of those 17 acres are made of marshlands. Wendsday night i went out in the morning to check for eggs and to make sure everybody was ok. i noticed a welsummer that was just laying on the ground so i thought "thats weird " and i went on about my day. Then when i got home after school i went back over by the chicken coop and noticed that one of our white cochins was half pulled under the building half eaten. for clarification i have this kind of coop...|0||p_product_quantity_sold|1&page=5

kind of like that but not really, all i want you to know tis that the bottom is not touching the ground so animals can crawl under it.

The next two nights we locked everybody up in the coop, even the ducks.
then my dad got those really heavy bricks and put them on the bottom of the coop so nothing could get in... we thought. Well this morning we went out there and two were laying halfway under the coop again and 6 more were dead. im guessing the six died of shock or scardness (not a word). There was a tiny hole that it could have gotton through. We thought it was a racoon at first but we found one that climbed up a tree and shot it, but it still ran away.. Please help with my proplem! we only have 6 left and i really dont want to lose anymore.
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You could try one of those humaine traps and bait it with tuna or some other stinky treat. My first ever flock of birds consisted of 6 turkeys and 1 rooster and 13 hens and I had them in the house for the first 4 weeks and then put them in a coop here on the farm that had not been used in years and years. The coop was in awesome shape except for the bottom corner of the door where it had worn, you could bearly see light thought the space. The first night they spent in the outside coop a weasel took 4 of my turkeys and 12 of the hens through that little space......
I was horrified!! It's amazing what some creatures can squeeze themselves through. And I hear that they can take down a full grown chicken and kill them too.....

So sorry about your birds, it's amazing how attached we become to the little fuzzy butts!
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