Can't Find Air Sack In Egg


5 Years
Apr 9, 2014
I would like to incubate chicken eggs in the future, but there's a little complication. My red sex link hen lays these weird oval-shaped eggs that seemingly have no tip or base. (If that doesn't make sense I'll see if I can post pictures.)

I've tried candling them, but the light can't really get through the brown pigment.

What should I do? I was going to wait for her to go broody, but I'd still like to be able to know which side of the egg is which!


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12 Years
Oct 16, 2010
How many lumens is the light your using and are you candling in the dark? Also there wont be an air sack for a few days after laid and that is quite small. I've had oval egg before and simply took my first gut feeling as to which end was up.

I've used a halide work light before, cut a hole in a box bottom and placed upside down over the lamp. Worked great but sure does get hot quick. Anymore I've got a Duracell led flashlight that is 500 lumens bright. Works like a charm, availble at Costco and I think Walmart.

Worse comes to worse and you can just incubate with them laying on the side. The air sac will know which end is which.

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