can't find info on impaction lower than crop

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    May 13, 2010
    have a Red who is impacted. Not her crop! Took her to the vet who did an X-ray found large stones in her 'tummy'. Forcing feeding with .5ml of mineral oil (was suppose to be only with feedings. Have done three 4T of 'assisted feeding; ration with 2T water. Increased water this time to 1:1 but have given her 1ml this evening)- started this last night - movements are still small, isn't even pecking at food now or water (but then again I am forcing feeding/watering her) soaked her for a good 25mins tonight - little more white and greenish poo came out.
    I know I read on here somewhere of a girl who was impacted lower than her crop and what the owner did but can't find it. Willing to explore surgery (done by self) if needed. Can chickens get enemas? (That's what would be done for impacted person,etc.)
    Really worried
    (found her on Sat with droopy comb after being away for a week).

    she is about 15mos old, no obvious sign of injury- a favorite of the boys -she was willing to eat corn (thawed frozen corn) but think that gave her sour crop (smelly 'burps' when I massage her crop) now won't eat anything.
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    You can most certainly have a blockage below the crop. If so, it would be hard to remove without surgery. There should be small stones in her gizzard to grind up food. You might want to try a mash with some oil in it. Surgery on that area is very risky.

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