can't find "red rock" in breed index.


9 Years
Feb 11, 2010
Vancouver Island, B.C.,
We just got six new babies from the breeders. Three red sussex and three red rock but can't find the red rocks in the index. Are they known as some other name. They (red rocks) are black fluff balls, a bit smaller than the sussexes. Anyone know of another name for them. The red sussex are soooooo cute. They look like chipmunks.
Yes they are black sexlinks, the "Red Rock" name came about when way back when this cross was first done, becuase they were from a Rhode Island RED rooster on Barred ROCK hens. Thus they were called Red Rocks. Its a really confuing name though becuase you would think the birds would be red.

Though my granny still argues with me that RIRs are Red Rocks, but she was the kinda gal that all they had when she was young was barred rocks ( domineckers ) , White Rocks, and RIRs and since they all have similar body shape, I guess she called a red bird a Red Rocks just as she called a white bird a White Rock.
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I was told that they'll be black with a dark red chest when they get their big girl feathers. Sounds pretty. But then I think all chickens are pretty.

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