Can't get my pullets into the flock


Apr 24, 2014
raleigh, nc
I need help getting my new pullets into the flock. These birds are the flocks offspring, but they just won't let the young ones in. I thought i did everything right. Raised youngins in a separate pen. Come fall at 8 mo. old I started introducing them to the big pen. All 5 of my other hens won't let them eat or drink at the feed or water bucket at all. Thought this would mellow out, but no..... . Divided my run in 1/2 when I first introduced them too. All my birds free range from noon or so on till dark. Even when all are free ranging the newbies can't hang with the other birds. They're off doing their own thing. All roost together, but that's all they'll do together. Any good suggestions
You may have to set up a separate feeding station in a different area, and make sure everyone is eating. As for hanging aorund together, they may never do this, or only after months and months. If they aren't pecking each other to the point of injury, or pulling feathers, you don't need to do anything.

Chickens vary widely in how well they integrate. It isn't that you did anything wrong.

If you have a broody hatch new chicks, one approach is to let the mama raise her chicks in with the flock from day one. Usually, the mama will protect the chicks from the other hens, and by the time the mama is through mothering, the flock will have accepted the chicks. Again,the chicks may not hang around with the flock; they will probably stay a bit off to themselves, but at least they won't get atttacked. If all goes well. It's worked for me 5 or 6 times.

Welcome to BYC!

This can be common with new birds and especially if you have a lot of birds. So you need to add more feeding and watering stations so they don't have to compete. The older flock is going to protect the water and feeding areas, so provide more of them. As long as they new birds are not being picked on, then what is going on in your flock can be normal. Hopefully as the new girls grow, they gain more strength in the flock.

Good luck with your flock and welcome to ours!
Hello :frow and Welcome To BYC! You've gotten some good advice above. X3, Birds often do tend to segregate into mini-flocks by age, just see everybody has access to food and water and nobody is being injured and just give them time.
Thanks for all the replies. I do have all those bases covered. Just feel sorry for those rascals. The flock police
, won't even let them out of the henhouse.
Between the rooster and the older girls, I hope this mellows out soon. Thanks to all!

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