cant stand falls to one side!

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    Apr 26, 2012
    Hi everyone
    I have a sick hen symptoms
    3 days ago noticed her acting very vague and confused, but still running with flock to scraps I had thrown but not aware of food on ground. Lasted 2 days
    1 days ago sitting all the time and when I raised her fell to one side-would eat bread soaked in water that I feed her - removed her from the flock but her in a box with mushy pellets and water - would not eat or drink just sitting.
    Today she has eaten mushy pellets I offered to her and drank water..looks much more bright and alert reacting to noises and usual sounds, trying to get up but falls again with one wing and leg outstreched. Her eyes are bright and her comb is beautiful red and meaty from the neck up she looks in perfect health. How long should I wait for more improvement before I think of putting her down.
    She is Rhode Island Red X about 3 years old and sometimes has trouble with large eggs. Also I notice her poo is like hard cooked egg yolk, sometimes she shakes her head. I am keeping her inside and covered. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    I am not an expert, but one of my hen was like that and I suspected food poisoning. I had to throw bag of food away. she got better after 3 days
  3. chickenzoo

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    The poo that looks like hard cooked egg yolk could be a sign of reproductive problems....
    Has she ever been wormed?

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