Can't tell if this is a boy or a girl...


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Sep 15, 2012
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Hey everyone!
This is my chicken Fluffy. I can't tell if this is going to be a boy or a girl. The rest of my chickens have a much thinner comb, but from what I have read, a rooster would have more then one row?? Can anyone help? Thanks!!
Thank you! I was hopping Fluffy was a girl. I'm not allowed to have roosters in the area I live in and would hate to have to give it up if it was a rooster. She definently is the dominant one in the group, so I was worried. I'm so new to chickens. It's a learning curve every day. I would own more if I could, but because I live in city limits, I'm limited to only 4.

So can you exlpain a little how you can tell? And why is it that her comb is so thick compared to the picture I posted of Seashell?

Well at 17 weeks if it were a roo I'd expect to see a lot larger, redder comb developement. Also, in birds with this type of comb a roo will generally show three rows rather then just one down the center. As far as the difference between her and the other bird, could be she's matured a bit faster and is not far from laying. I also see no sign of the beginnings of saddle feathers, her feather's are very rounded back there.

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