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Dec 19, 2009
One of my girls, a 6 m/o Leghorn, was injured last night after the others decided to pick on her. I found her under the nest box this morning not moving. I have moved her to a box in our kitchen where I can keep an eye on her and treat her as best I can. She has obviously been picked at around her head and face, and her eyes are shut and swollen. She is very lethargic and will not stand, walk or eat. I have gotten her to drink about 6 mL of water from a syringe, but am not sure what else to do. She is somewhat responsive to sound, and is currently sleeping with her head tucked into her feathers (prior to taking the water she would just hang her head straight down). Is there anything else I should be doing?
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I would put her somewhere dark, warm and quiet and add electrolytes to her water(for stress). Treat the wounds with something like Neosporin(without pain reliever) and keep her inside until she is completely healed.
I would probably also boil an egg and mash it up for her to try to coax her to eat.
Good luck!

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