caring for a call duck


12 Years
May 18, 2007
Manahawkin NJ
Picked up a small white call duck at auction sooo cute. Can I treat him or her how do you tell, like a chicken with more water or do I need something special? Right now he is in my bathtub. gotta get him out before DH gets back. lol
I raise call ducks. They're pretty hardy little ducks. How old is yours? They are very good flyers so you'll need to keep him where he can't fly away...especially until he knows his new home. They really do better as a flock, so if you could get him another call duck that would be good. Depending on the age if it's a male he may or may not have gotten his drake curl. Females are VERY loud quakers while the males just do a little raspy noise.
Some source of bathing water is needed. You can feed them pellets and scratch. I feed all my birds the same pellets because my pellets are meant towards every breed of fowl you can imagine lol.

Note: They can be VERY loud...
Hold the duck under one arm, tap him/her on the head(may take several times) until you make it mad, (not hard enough to hurt it!) If he makes a hissing sound, he's a HE. If she makes a quake, she's a SHE. Sounds stubid but, it works.... Not much different care than a chicken, just lots more water with which comes lots more of a mess! a 2x4 platform about 2 feet square and cover it with 1/2 x 1/2 inch wire, place the water on top of this. It keeps the mess down. Call ducks are wonderful to have and will bring you lots of intertainment.
I used to have 2 call ducks! One drake and one duck!!! They loved each other! I made a pen for them that was about 10 ft. by 15 ft. and they never once flew out! I also had a big kiddie pool in there for them and every time I would put clean water in it (every 2-3 days) they would always mate! So if I were you I would get him a duck (female) companion. And if she starts laying eggs, just take them outta the pen. That's what I did. They were verry happy! I fed them scratch, lettuce and other veggies as an occasional treat.

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