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12 Years
Nov 1, 2010
Northern L.P. Michigan
Yesterday I had a single banty faverolle (not sure if spelled correctly) hatch. He doesn't seem too lonely and hasn't been peeping too much, but as soon as he sees me he wants attention. With a new chick how long is it ok to have them out of the brooder box? Is there a safe way to carry the tiny guy around with me? I am getting standard chicks next week and hoping he can go in with them then.
You can carry him around with you, get a shirt with a pocket and put him in there. Also put something reflective in his brooder: a mirror, CD, etc.
Best trick I've ever heard of using with a singleton chick - a clean feather duster. Stuffed animal will work too.
I adopted a day old chick and had him for a couple of weeks before I hatched 3! I put a stuffed animal, a CD and a piece of wood in his box. He did well! I made sure I picked him up a few times a day and talked to felt like a momma... When 2 of the new chicks were introduced, he was ticked off! I added a wire divider to the box and that worked great! The third one hatched a day late and nobody like him at all! So I had to set up another brooder box. So, 3 in one box with a divider and 1 in a separate box. Yesterday, I took them all outside for a little field trip in the garden. I think they were so stressed out about the change in scenery, they forgot to hate each other!

Kept them out together for a few hours. When I brought them back in, all went into the box together with no divider! Worked wonderfully!
I have a 5 week old single chick.. she is doing very well.. I gave her a real feather duster in the brooder.. a stuffed animal and lots of attention. she is now in a dog cage with the big girls. She is rather independant and bossy with me now. I let her out in the garden every night with me so she can scratch around and get use to being out side. She doesn't follow me around but she always knows where I am. YOu can tell that she so wants to be out with the big chickens but it may be another week or two before I try to let her be with the flock,she is still a bit small compared to them.

I wish you luck with your baby

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