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    Apr 14, 2009
    [​IMG] Ok here's a mixed bag for someone who wants a variety of eggs to get started with, add to their flock or to just HAVE A LITTLE FUN!

    Baby blue, blue-green, sage and olive eggs, a barn yard mix of Marans and Welsummers, Rocks, Reds, Speckled Sussex, and more. Your choice up to 12 eggs.

    As a bonus, I will also throw in your choice of 6 Mille Fluer D'Uccles and/or 4-6 Blue Swede duck eggs. If you prefer you can choose just the Mixed eggs, up to 18.

    Eggs will be individualy bubble wrapped and securely packaged in a large USPS Priority box so they arrive safely.

    Any questions, PM me and I will answer ASAP.

    Paypal prefered, but I will take a USPS Money Order but it will delay the shipment. I only ship fresh eggs, so the delay will only affect when the eggs are collected.

    Paypal address is:[email protected]

    Eggs will be shipped next business day following payment verification.

    Thanks for looking!

    Happy bidding.



    Speckled eggs are in limited supply thanks to Houdini the Coon. He's now on a dirt diet.

    EE roos with hens.






    MF D'Uccles


    Blue Swedes:

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    Just curious about your speckled eggs.......which breed laid those ?

    I LOVE me some speckled eggs.

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